Belle Vue Dogs

The most popular way to bet is on the track's own tote. Small stakes are accepted and there are several fun bets which can pay big dividends for a relatively small outlay.

The types of bets available on the tote are;

Belle VueChoosing a greyhound to be first past the post.

Belle VueChoosing a greyhound to be either first or second.

Belle VuePicking two greyhounds to finish first and second. A popular bet is a reversed forecast which means your choice can be first and second in either order.

Belle VueVery much the same as a forecast but, as the name implies, punters have to pick the first three home.

Belle VueCombinations cover two, three or even four greyhounds. For instance, punters can choose three greyhounds and place a forecast combination, which is six bets in one. If any of the three greyhounds fill first and second, the bet has been successful.

Belle VueMost tracks run Jackpots and other unusual bets which involve the outcome of more than one race. Further information on these types of wagers can be obtained from the track you plan to visit.

Many punters cannot resist the temptation to bet with the often colourful bookmakers who ply their trade usually by the side of the track. Most bookmakers will only accept win bets and punters take the price on the bookies board at the time they strike the bet.

Whether the price shortens or lengthens afterwards, the punter knows what odds he has taken.

It differs to the tote in that the price of individual greyhounds is only determined when the race has started and the computer has worked out and divided the entire pool, less the track?s commission, amongst the winning tickets.

Off-course bookmakers also take bets on greyhounds and they offer many speciality and multiple race bets that could appeal to the smaller punter. There are limits that the off-course bookmakers enforce and it is worthwhile checking what these are before placing your bet.